It’s “just” a headshot…..right?

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It’s “just” a headshot…..right?

Why choose a Professional Headshot?

It’s ‘just’ a Headshot!…..right?

With the emergence of social media and our web presence being such a huge role in our businesses, it is now more important than ever before to be seen as often as possible, and in the best possible light.

Sometimes we try and cut corners by looking at our headshot as not important, and as an unnecessary expense. But instead, we should be looking at it in a very different light, an opportunity to portray an image to potential clients, and to show ‘the face of your business’. Don’t forget that potential clients are looking at your business online, and are also looking at who you are and how you conduct our business. They want to make sure that you are as serious as they are about high quality and good customer service. If your headshot is done with a point-n-shoot and on-camera flash against a plain wall with a shadow around your head, or an image that was shot on a night out in the pub, it sends the wrong message. It portrays a lack of professionalism that your future clients are looking for. If you don’t appear to show care about your own personal image, then why should your potential clients believe that the service you are offering would be of a high standard?

What then, determines a strong professional headshot versus an amateur snapshot?

The physical side of taking a ‘proper’ headshot requires the use of standard professional equipment- a camera, lenses, lighting equipment, etc,.but more importantly than that (100 times more important) is the small matter of experience. Without the knowing how to use camera gear and lighting equipment, or to be able to deal with problems should they arise, leaves you back at square one, an unprofessional look being the first impression your future client will have of you.

And having a trained eye for posing and directing people to achieve the individual’s best look, is first and foremost. Everyone is different, and everyone needs to be photographed in a certain way. You need to take into account their shape, hair colour, what side they part their hair, gender, skin, and even profession. Knowing what lighting to use, when to use it, in what direction, with each face shape, makes the difference between an okay image, and an amazing portrait. A good professional photographer will suggest the proper clothing, and then pose and light you accordingly. The last thing to consider is the style of image you want to go with, depending on your profession or what the image is to be used for, you might want to add some personality to your portrait. Showing your future clients a little bit of you, will help them make a connection with you before they even meet you.

One more thing worth thinking about, and is often overlooked is the use of a professional hair and make-up artist. This is true especially for women, of course, but men can always benefit too to remove a little shine and to even out your skin. So while you are concentrating on posing, you won’t need to be worrying about how your make-up is holding up, or if your hair is out of place. That will be for the make-up artist to worry about.

Do not under estimate the importance of a profile headshot on sites like LinkedIn and other social media sites where you are directly representing your business. Ask yourself how do you want to be seen? Do you want your clients to see you as a true professional with high standards, or are you happy for them to see you as someone with low standards and let them move on to the next person?!

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