Slicker Family Portraits – Les Kelly Studios Kildare Co. Kildare

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Slicker Family Portraits – Les Kelly Studios Kildare Co. Kildare

So, today we take a look at the images from our recent shoot with the Slicker family, Edel, Gavin, Gwen and Joe.

When Edel first contacted me about capturing her family portraits she mentioned that she would like to do something different rather than a white or black background.

After we had a good chat and learning about what they like as a family we soon found the answer, that something different was an outdoor on location shoot.
As they are an outdoorsy family and enjoy long walks and fresh air, this was a perfect plan.

Edel and Gavin live in the countryside and on their doorstep was the ideal location, a long, winding Boreen road.

I called to their beautiful home where we sat for a while over a coffee and chatted away with their two adorable children.

Gwen was very excited about getting her picture taken and couldn’t wait to get started. Joe, at only ten months old didn’t show quite as much enthusiasm but soon got into the swing of things 🙂

As we took the short walk, a few hundred meters away Gwen told me all about her pink wig and asked if I could take her picture with it when we got back. I told her that yes of course we could and she was skipping for joy. When we got back to the house we did get the pictures for her in her wig and it turned out to be absolutely brilliant, I had no idea what was about to happen…..a little model in the making stood before me and the pictures turned out fantastic.

Thank you again Edel and Gavin for your wonderful hospitality and for choosing Les Kelly Studios to capture these beautiful precious moments for your family!

Please take a look below at what we captured from the day. Click an image if you wish to enlarge.